Let’s Mix It Up a Little

All this talk over and and over about creams and personal hygiene products really has me wanting to sway from the beaten path.  There’s no rules here to what I can and cannot talk about so today I think I will discuss household blenders.

Best Household Blender

My first high class blender experience was actually on an airport shuttle ride some 8-10 years ago.  I didn’t really know much about blenders nor was I aware that they could get so expensive.

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An Insight into the Best Moisturizers That Work

Out in the market for a quality and incredible facial and body moisturizer? Great! There are many moisturizers in the market today and choosing which the best is from the wide variety may be overwhelming. Some are really good while others are not worth your time, money and favor; causing cancer, spelling doom to your hormones and clogging pores on your body. Therefore, it is worth your research to get the best natural moisturizer before you try it. This will guarantee you the best results without throwing your body out of whack. Let’s start with #5;

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The Art of Shaving Cream

A few weeks ago I gave my two cents on what I found to be the best razor around.  No good razor works well without the very best of shaving preparation and shaving cream.

For years men have used good old Barbasol on their faces and I guess all things considered (price) this stuff isn’t too bad.  You’ll smell like my grandpa but hey, some grannies really go for that old man Walmart smell I suppose.

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Natural Soaps and Cleansers

What is the largest organ in the human body?  Do you think it’s the lungs?  The heart?  Maybe you have a giant stomach or an inflamed liver that is larger than average and hence the biggest organ you have.  Maybe it’s the large intestines?  They do snake throughout the body and take up quite a bit of space in the stomach right?

WRONG!  What if I told you the largest organ in the human body is your skin!  That’s right, your skin is the largest organ in the human body.  So why is the title of this post called “Natural Soaps and Cleansers”

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