Welcome to My New Site

Hello everybody!  Welcome to my new compare teeth whitening kits website.  I hope to add lots of insight and help everyone to be satisfied with their experiences.

This isn’t a site just about teeth whitening kits or what what works best for me.  It’s a product evaluation website all around.


I try many products and I like to tell all.  The good the bad and the ugly.  No sugar coating here.  I’m not employed by any product or product pusher.  If there’s something that I truly find of value, I will sometimes link to their site.


I may talk about razors, or shampoo, or cologne or perfume.  There’s really no limit to what we may discuss on here.


I sometimes even branch out further than personal hygiene so don’t be surprised if we discuss whitewater kayaking, car trips or weekend get aways.


I simply stated this blog to entertain myself….not impress upon you or anyone else.  the opinions are my own and are from my own experiences.  Your experience may be vastly different or very similar.


I only here to share what’s worked and what has not worked for me and my family.  I’m very in tune with what my husband likes and his reasoning behind it.


So I may speak for him.  With a feminine twist on some of the things he’s used today and and in the past.  Your husband may want to take note.  Or your husband may be the Old Spice and Aqua Velva type who has always been a creature of habit.


Regardless, i think you will find something for everyone on here.  I also have a 7 year little boy that os growing up so fast.  His likes and dislikes seem to change daily.


Periodically we may review something pertaining to him.  Maybe a particular type of sunscreen or body wash.  Since he has very delicate, pearly white skin I’ve always been careful to protect him from the sun and the harsh chemicals that come along with laundry detergents and other cleansers.


Basically I enjoy blogging about the things I write about on this site.  There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason why I start talking about a particular thing.  It’s simply something I enjoy and things i want to share with others.


I hope you have fun reading my blog and gain some insight into new products or knowledge as I may even blog about a movie or a book I’m reading.


There’s no need to leave nasty comments or affiliate internet offers and scams.  They will all be flagged as spam and you’ll be deleted from ever being able to post.


Keep it light and keep it fun!