Let’s Talk Men’s Razors

Good day everyone and hello!  As I’ve helped buy my husband razors and shaving accessories over the years there’s one thing I’ve learned….not all razors, shaving cream, and after shaves are created equal.

Gillette Razor

Gillette Razor


I won’t bother or bore you with a giant post today comparing and contrasting all of the shaving creams and aftershaves.  That’s for another day and another post.


Today what I want to delve into is strictly about razors in general. Now, I keep a close eye on my hubby’s shave and we discuss how his razors are and his overall shaving experience from time to time.


For starters, David likes to shave INSIDE of the shower.  He has very coarse hair and beard but not particularly thick.  What I mean here is that his hair is VERY thick in nature….the structure of the individual hairs.  But as far as the stand of hair on his face I wouldn’t really say that he can grow a thick beard.  Make sense?  Good because I’m moving on regardless…lol


Now over the years we’ve tried several different razors and companies.  We’ve even done everything from the cheap disposable ones to your standard changeable heads.  We’ve even tried the Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s Razors. Another disclaimer I have to mention is that we’ve not tried anything high end.  Razors are expensive enough without having to go all fancy with it….but you do get what you pay for and razors are no exception to that rule.


So…disposable.  We all know that any man that shaves with these things will have no face left if they use one more than twice.  I guess that’s why they are disposable.  They seem like the cheaper alternative on the surface but if you add up how many shaves per package you get you’re probably not saving very much…and you certainly aren’t saving face!


We’ve tried the Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s razors too.  Not a bad deal and not bad razors but there’s just something about them that feels….well…you know…CHEAP!  I don’t feel they last very long but they are a little more economical I suppose and they are obviously far superior to any disposable.


But I’m not thrilled with the shave he gets from either of these companies.  Yeah they have a great concept and snazzy and appealing packaging but every time my husband shaves with one of these razors he leaves a little patch of whiskers just below his nose.  Sort of like Hitler.  NOT GOOD!


These razors make it very difficult for someone to shave underneath the nose. I guess everyone has different facial structures and therefore we are all different above the lip and below the snauze but for him….they just don’t work.


So I’m already getting tired of talking razors here.  I’ll go ahead and cut to the chase.  My husband’s favorite razor is the Gillette Fusion/Pro Glide.  Yeah there’s a bunch of blades and NO they ain’t cheap!  BUT…they work.


They mainly work because of the single blade located on the back.  You simply flip the razor in your hand and shave under your nose with the back.  BRILLIANT!  No more snuggling up to a Hitler Stache with these babies.


They certainly aren’t the cheapest razor you can find and I’m certain there are higher end razors that are probably better.  I usually buy mine at big box retailer or online at Amazon.


Gillette Razor

Gillette Pro Glide Fusion Razor



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