Let’s Talk Teeth

I’m from West Virginia and not everyone around here has a whole lot of teeth nor do they take very good care of what they’ve got left.  I guess it’s a cultural thing but I wasn’t born here.  We are only here for a short time and my husband’s job so I won’t poke too much fun here and make more of an issue of it than everyone else already has.


So anyway, while we are talking teeth I would like to talk about tooth sensitivity.  It’s an issue I’ve dealt with my entire adult life but it probably stems from my childhood more than anything.


I experience some pretty severe tooth sensitivity throughout the year.  Some times it’s worse than others but I can usually trace it back to something I’ve been eating over the last few days or so.


As a child my parents owned a small corner grocery store.  I ate lots of junky candy and drank at least 2-3 soft drinks per day.  I can remember the carbonation and caffein combo between my teeth all those years ago.  It sort of made you want to grit your teeth together and something made it feel oddly pleasurable.


So we all know that the acids in soda erode away the enamel on your teeth but none of us ever think it will really happen to us right?




The combination of poor diet as a child coupled with my adult anxiety and night time teeth clinching I’ve produced the perfect storm for flubbing up my teeth.


This video shows a good description of what causes enamel erosion and what can help resolve some of the issues with sensitivity.



The grinding and clinching of my teeth has caused my already weekend enamel to begin to “pop” at the base of the tooth.  This only adds to the painful sensation of sensitivity but certain foods seem to make the issue much worse.


A quick list of the foods I try to avoid if i don’t want to have troubles with sensitivity later.

  1. Beets
  2. Balsalmic Vinegar
  3. Red Wine
  4. Stevia (or drinks with Stevia in them it appears)
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Orange Juice

So obviously there seems to be a common theme here…acidity in foods.


Now, I also experience sensitivity when I brush with whitening toothpaste for an extended period of time or when I try some teeth whitening.  I simply switch away from those and reintroduce my Sensodyn and my Enamel Builder by Sensodyne.


Both have helped tremendously when i have sensitivity episodes and i’ve since started a new program to try and cure some of my teeth clenching.  If you’d like to learn more about that Click Here!




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