Let’s Mix It Up a Little

All this talk over and and over about creams and personal hygiene products really has me wanting to sway from the beaten path.  There’s no rules here to what I can and cannot talk about so today I think I will discuss household blenders.

Best Household Blender

My first high class blender experience was actually on an airport shuttle ride some 8-10 years ago.  I didn’t really know much about blenders nor was I aware that they could get so expensive.

As we all know though more often than not we get what we pay for.  The saying is old cliche but it’s so true.

I’m not sure how many blenders I’ve owned over the years.  Ones that have gotten burnt out from getting bound up or ones that get a short in the cord over time and become worthless.

I’m sure quality has gone up since the days of the 1980’s and blenders but I can tell you that if you use a mixer or blender as much as my family and me do.

Almost daily I break out my favorite blender and for several meals and snacks and necessities like

  1. Smoothies
  2. Milkshakes
  3. Protein Shakes
  4. Soups
  5. Flours
  6. Nut Butters
  7. Baking
  8. Mixing

I’m sure I’m missing a few here because the uses and applications are just endless. You may be wondering what is so special about the particular blender I’m using and may be telling yourself you can do all of those things in your Walmart bought Oster blender.

Look, nothing wrong with shopping at Walmart or buying their blenders but I’m here to tell you that nothing beats a Vitamix.  They aren’t as unaffordable as they used to be and most major warehouse stores carry them on special.

I recently saw one in Costco with a $50 discount bringing the total down to $349.99. Yes that’s roughly $320 more than you Walmart blender and believe me if you have a Vitamin YOU WILL certainly use it more than you ever imagined.

You can make more wholesome and homemade foods thus saving you money over time as well as helping you and your family eat much healthier than store bought comparisons.

Essentially you know EXACTLY what goes into your foods, soups, mixes and shakes.  When you can pronounce and purchase all of the required ingredients without having to also buy a hazmat suite you know you’re automatically eating better.

Prime example of why eating and cooking and using the Vitamix for cooking are soups. Let’s look at one of my favorites “Chicken Tortilla Soup”.

The following list of ingredients is all that is required to make one delicious and healthy soup.

  1. Carrots
  2. Squash
  3. Onion
  4. Garlic
  5. Green, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers
  6. Organic Chicken Broth (or vegetarian broth is you choose)
  7. Tomatos
  8. Himalayan Sea Salt
  9. Poblano Pepper
  10. Black Pepper
  11. Organic Chicken Breast (if you like)

Bring all the ingredients except the chicken in the blender making a thin puree of all the veggies.  The Vitamix is so powerful it will actually COOK the veggies as they are pulverized and pureed in the blender.  In fact, steam will begin to rise from the top when it’s piping hot.

You got that right!  The Vitamix is so powerful and spins so fast that it actually heats the soup and cooks the ingredients.

Not many blenders have this kind of power.  The Vitamix model I have has a 3hp motor on it that has a 10 year warranty and I actually had some minor issues with a switch on mine that was repaired…no questions asked…and returned to me in less than two weeks.

I also use my Vitamix to mix up healthy smoothies for me and the grandchildren.  I’m able to slip and handful of spinach in with some frozen organic berries, a little bit of almond or coconut milk, some honey and maybe even Stevia if I’m trying to cut down on some sugar and give it that extra sweetness.

Green smoothies are no contest for the blender either.  I even sometimes pulverize the seed or nut found inside of the avocado.  The seed inside the avocado is known as one of the most nutrient dense foods found on the planet.

The only problem is most of us were never able to tap into those nutrients until now.  The Vitamix pulverizes it down to powder for mixing into green smoothies or berry smoothies to add that extra nutrient dose and fiber.  The fiber of course helps slow the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream and helps inhibit huge insulin swings.

The Vitamix has no trouble with a nut as hard as the one found in the center of an avocado so it certainly doesn’t struggle with other nuts.

You can make several of your own organic concoctions of almonds like

  1. Almond Milk
  2. Almond Flour
  3. Almond Butter

I often find a bag of organic almonds is far cheaper than an equal amount of ground almond butter.  I’ll buy the bag and come home and make my own almond butter in the blender.  It’s so delicious and pours our fairly easily due to the heating that happens when you pulverize the almonds.

So my advice to you if you want to try and start eating healthier and preparing more of your own all natural foods made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce then I recommend getting a blender.

If you’re serious about health and want to maximize your time and efforts then may i highly suggest the Vitamix blender?  As if I already hadn’t.

If you have any questions about the blender or other ideas and recipes in your favorite blender then don’t hesitate to drop me line here.

Thanks for reading!

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