The Art of Shaving Cream

A few weeks ago I gave my two cents on what I found to be the best razor around.  No good razor works well without the very best of shaving preparation and shaving cream.

For years men have used good old Barbasol on their faces and I guess all things considered (price) this stuff isn’t too bad.  You’ll smell like my grandpa but hey, some grannies really go for that old man Walmart smell I suppose.

So a regular can of Barbasol is said to last some 250 days.  That’s a pretty good bargain for just under $2 a can but who wants to smell like a stale old grandpa?


For some men shaving is a little more difficult than others.  Some men are born naturally with less facial hair and may not even need to shave on a daily basis.


Other men may have more coarse hair which can make shaving difficult and painful.  Not only do some have more coarse hair they actually have MORE of it.  Meaning their facial hair is thicker than others.


Couple these two things with hair stubbles that grow in all different directions and you have a man that can literally tear his face off trying to shave.  Cut rate shaving practices and products simply won’t cut it for these guys.


The sad thing is many don’t even discover that their are better shaving products out there to make their experience more enjoyable…or should I say less excruciating.


Just as a good razor is important, so is a good cream and good preparation.  That’s why my husband is now hooked on The Art of Shaving line of products. Once you have an experience with their methods you’ll literally feel like you’ve been doing it wrong all these years.


Your shave will be more enjoyable, more fragrant (if you want it to be), and smoother all around shave.


The Art of Shaving has a four step process for shaving that they refer to as the 4 elements of the perfect shave.

  1. Prepare (here is where you utilize one of their pre shave oils to prep your hairs and skin before the next step.  They recommend using hot water on the face just before shaving to help soften the beard.
  2. Lather the face with one of their shaving cream using a brush made from badger hair.  Different grades of badger hair for more elegant levels of lathering.
  3. Shave using your favorite razor or one of their premium razors they offer on their website.  Dipping the razor in hot water periodically to cleanse and help keep the beard soft.
  4. Moisturize with one of their line of moisturizers or after shave balms.

When you use their 4 step process with their line of products i can almost promise you that you’ve never had a better shave that lasts longer and feels better.

The Art of Shaving has a product line that contains all 4 elements required to get their gold standard shave.  Everything you need except the razor to get an exceptionally close and smooth shave.


The product line come in several fragrances as well as unscented.  Choose from

  • Unscented
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Ocean Kelp
  • Sandalwood

Personally I like the Lavender and the Sandalwood the best but really all of them smell pretty good.


One drawback to the shaving kit would be the badger lather brush.  I’m not sure how humanely the badgers are treated and caged.  This is always an ethical concern of mine when it comes to any product but especially skin and hair care lines.  I always try and make sure the products were not tested on animals and that animals aren’t negatively affected by their use.  This is something I will be researching in days to come and I’ll post an update as I see fit.


Another drawback to the badger brush is the smell..  Yes it’s from an animal so it does tend to have sort of a wet dog smell.  That’s one reason many prefer to go with a scented shave oil, cream and lotion.


Also, the badger hairs tend to fall out from time to time and can become stuck on the face.  Petty but rather annoying too.  Also, unlike synthetic brushes, the badger lather brush tends to expand and contract after drying and rewetting so it does tend to wear out over time.  I’ve read that synthetic brushes don’t have that problem but I’ve not personally put one to the test.


Price can be another factor when it comes to a high end shaving kit like this.  At around $100 for the oil, cream, brush and after shave balm it seems rather pricey.


A large size kit can easily last me well over 2 YEARS and all of the products can be bought individually as you run out.


So if shaving has become a painful and dreaded morning task, I highly recommend trying the The Art of Shaving line of men’s skin care and shaving kits.


I hope you enjoyed my shaving run down.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions about shaving and keeping your face as smooth as a baby’s butt.









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