Who is This Iris Lady and What is She doing?

Here you will find interesting tidbits about myself and the things I like to chat about.  Things will change from time to time just as my mind will change.  Something I liked today I may not like tomorrow for whatever reason.


It could be here today and gone tomorrow.  As my mood changes the things i may recommend may change as well.  Nothing here is static.  In fact you will find things to be quite dynamic.  That means my mind changes frequently.


The cologne my husband wears today may smell good now, but by the end of the night i may find it to be so putrid i NEVE want to smell that smell ever again.  As his body chemistry and pheromones change throughout the day so does his reaction to certain products.


Or maybe it’s just me.  Maybe i just change my mind a lot.  Maybe i have knee jerk reactions that I initially like or dislike a product only to realize 6 hours later I feel quite the opposite.


I’m a a middle aged mother.  My husband is a hard working white collar guy that is borderline metro-sexual…lol So his taste may not fit what your hubby likes.


I will talk about some women’s products along the way.  Obviously everyone has different skin tones and textures and what works or has worked for me may not do so well for you.


This is meant to be a fun resource.  Not a place to bicker and argue and cut down others.  The internet can be a cruel place and i certainly don’t want to harness any negative energy here.  We all have enough of that day to day in our lives.


My main goal here is to prop up those goods, services and products for which I’ve had a good experience with.  I’m not necessarily here to cut down those that haven’t worked for me but i will give my true and honest opinion.


And they are just that…OPINIONS.  Opinions are like you know whats….everyone has one….lol


Anyway, i hope you enjoy reading my blog and I hope you find my recommendations helpful for you and your family’s skin care and hygiene needs.


Feel free to ask any questions or contact me here.

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